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How To Get Cards For Your Business At No Cost

All businesses and their employees including the owners of the business need business cards. Technology might be making a lot of things like phone books, diary and such irrelevant. One old school business concept that still remains relevant is the business card. If you are a small business, then you will notice that you have to twice as hard as an established business to get revenue. That translates to more meetings with potential customers and hence more cards being given out.

That brings us to the observation, if there is any way of getting business cards at no cost. Well, there is an option to do that and this is how you go about it.

a) Almost every printing services company will have some sort of a plan where they will be willing to print the first few batches of business cards for free. This free card quantity alone could be sufficient for a small business like yours.

b) Advertising based free business cards. Other than the free initial card print services, many of them also have an option to give you cards as long as you let them put their logo on your business card. This is where it gets slightly trickier. Some services put their logo prominently, while others have a tiny footnote which is not too distracting. You only need to search for that one printing company that provides cards with ads that are less in the way.

c) Several websites are available which allow you to download free business card templates. Many of them allow you to create your own customized cards. These virtual cards can be downloaded and then printed off your office printer. This way you got your collection of business cards with facilities that are already present in your home. This option is excellent when all you need is a few cards to meet a few clients.